2021-2022 Catalog

A.A.S. Degree Requirements

1. The following AAS Degree, Diploma, and Certificate programs indicate the courses which are required of the program and which earn credit toward the AAS Degree, Diploma, or Certificate. Students whose placement scores indicate a need for developmental coursework are required to take additional courses beyond those listed.

2. One course may not be used to satisfy two requirements in the same program.

3. Degree or Diploma students must take thirty (30) semester hours credit at Western Piedmont Community College, including the final 10 semester hours credit. Students transferring coursework from an out of state institution may not be eligible to transfer more than 14 semester hours within their intended program.  For more information regarding the Graduation Application and Procedures, please review the Graduation Requirements in our current catalog.

4. Course substitutions may be requested by Student Petition. Please see your academic advisor for course eligibility and Student Petition process.