2014-2015 Catalog

Counseling Services and Career Center

WPCC provides free, confidential counseling and related services for its students through the Career Center. These services are offered on an as-needed basis for full or part-time students dealing with issues which affect them as individuals, or which may affect their academic progress. Career Services may assist students experiencing financial difficulties with information about community support services, such as utility payment assistance, food, and housing.  After initial assessments, students found to need highly specialized or long-term services will be referred to appropriate resources within the community to receive further assistance.

Career counseling and exploration are also available for those students who are undecided or ambiguous about their career plans. WPCC’s Career Center, located in Hildebrand Hall, room 128, houses a variety of printed, audio-visual and computer resources to assist students in their exploration. In addition, career testing and counseling are available on an individual basis by appointment.

For more information on counseling and related services at WPCC, contact the Career Counselor at 828-448-3565..