2018-2019 Catalog

VA Standards of Attendance

Students are expected to be present for all regular class meetings and examinations for which they are registered. A student who fails to participate in an academic related activity for a period of 14 consecutive calendar days may be dropped from the class roll and the instructor will notify the Registrar by submitting a withdrawal form. Additional or alternate attendance requirements may be established for individual courses. Students may be readmitted only with the permission of the instructor.

  1. Students legitimately dropped from a course by an instructor cannot be readmitted without that instructor’s permission.
  2. Students are considered to remain in membership in a course until students officially withdraw or transfer to another course section or are officially withdrawn from the course.
  3. Students will not be carried in membership after 14 consecutive calendar days of non-participation in the course, or after withdrawal.
  4. Students who are withdrawn or who withdraw from a course will receive VA benefits only for the hours in membership reported through the last attendance date in class.
  5. Students who return to class after having been withdrawn may not include those class hours from the time students were withdrawn until students were readmitted.