2021-2022 Catalog

Senior Citizens Audit Policy

Consistent with requirements of the North Carolina Community College State Board Code IE SBCCC 1000.2, senior citizens age 65 years old or older may audit courses at Western Piedmont Community College with the following considerations:

  • No tuition or registration fee required for courses will be charged, with the following exceptions:
    • Senior citizens shall pay the applicable self-supporting fee to audit a self-supporting course section
    • Senior citizens will pay any local fees (e.g., campus access, technology, and student activity) consistent with WPCC’s local fee policies
    • The individual must provide proof of age through a driver’s license, state identification card, or other government-issued document.
    • A person shall be allowed to audit a class only on a space available basis and may not displace a regularly-enrolled student.[CR1] 
    • Auditing senior-citizen students must meet all course and program admission requirements, prerequisites, and corequisites.

Senior citizens auditing a course shall not be included in the calculation of student membership hours used to determine whether a course will “make” or not.

To inform the make-point decision for curriculum (for-credit) courses:

  • The registrar or his/her designee will inform the appropriate division dean of any senior-citizen students who have pre-registered to audit a particular course;
  • The division dean will not include senior-citizen students in the determination of the make-point for the course. The division dean should consult the vice president of instruction, as needed.

To inform the make-point decision for continuing education (non-credit) courses:

  • The records manager or assigned administrative assistant will inform the appropriate coordinator or director of any senior-citizen students who have pre-registered to audit a particular course;
  • The director or coordinator or his/her designee who registers the course at the first course meeting will not include the pre-registered senior-citizen students who are auditing or any other senior-citizen students who attend the first course and request to audit in the calculation of the membership hours to determine the make-point for that particular course.

Senior citizens who register for self-supporting courses shall be used in the determination of the make-points for these courses once the applicable self-supporting fee has been paid.

Credentialing Agency Courses

For any course that leads to a third-party certification or credential, the college shall inform any senior citizen choosing to audit that he/she will not receive a grade for the course that indicates successful completion or a “passing” a training program and is therefore generally not considered sufficient to meet credentialing agency requirements. An audit indicates attendance only.