2021-2022 Catalog

Withdrawal from Courses or College

Students may withdraw after the ten percent point of the semester, or after the official refund period of the term, by contacting the instructor of the course, either in person or by email. The instructor will process the withdrawal information through WPCC’s electronic forms process, sending the information to Student Services.

Students who violate the attendance policy of a course may be withdrawn from that course by the instructor. All obligations to the College must be met by the withdrawing student.  The College reserves the right to withhold records and to deny registration until all obligations are met.

A grade of “W” or “IW” will be recorded if withdrawal is on or before the fifty-percent point of the course, regardless of the procedure used for the withdrawal. After the fifty-percent point, a “W” or “IW” grade will be recorded if students were satisfactorily achieving the course objectives at the time of withdrawal; otherwise a grade of “F” may be recorded.

Students contemplating withdrawal from the College are encouraged to talk with a counselor or a faculty advisor before completing the withdrawal process. 

No student-initiated withdrawals will be processed the last week of the term.