2021-2022 Catalog


Persons age 16 or 17 years may be considered a student with special needs and may be admitted into College and Career Readiness/High School Completion Programs. A minor who has been withdrawn from school a minimum of six months must submit a Referral for Alternative Education form obtained from the local or private educational agency and call a High School Completion Coordinator to setup an interview for the student and a parent or legal guardian.

A minor may be admitted prior to the six-month waiting period by submitting the two required forms, providing documentation of one or more of the following special needs and obtaining approval from the College and Career Readiness Admission Committee:

  1. Marriage or emancipation;
  2. Single parenthood;
  3. Medical considerations; or
  4. Full-time employment necessary to the financial well-being of the family.

The minor student who has been suspended or expelled from school must submit all necessary forms and documentation plus be approved by the College and Career Readiness Admissions Committee.

Persons age 16 or older who are residents of Broughton Hospital, J. Iverson Riddle Developmental Center, or Foothills Correctional Institution, none of whom fall under the jurisdiction of the local public schools, may be classified by the administrators of those institutions as “persons with special needs.” These persons may be admitted to certain courses and/or programs with permission of the appropriate institution administrator and approval of the Director of College and Career Readiness.