2021-2022 Catalog


  1. Students violating any local, State or Federal ordinance or law will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  2. Students disrupting a class after the instructor has explained the unacceptability of such conduct will be told to leave the class. The instructor will notify the Dean of Student Services and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  3. Complaints, or other indications that students have violated the Code of Conduct, will be reported to and investigated by the Dean of Student Services to determine if the charges are significant. If significant, the Dean may, after appropriate administrative consultation, counsel students and issue a written warning to students or impose measures that restrict students’ access to activities, or in extreme cases, to the College. Campus Security should be contacted about disruptive behavior occurring in public areas on campus, e.g. hallways, lounges, cafeteria, etc.
  4. Students will be accorded due process in all disciplinary proceedings. The due process procedure is detailed in the General Catalog, College Policy Manual, and Student Handbook.
  5. Per NC Administrative Code 23 NCAC 02C.0301 (d), the transcript of a student receiving a sanction of suspension or expulsion will denote: “disciplinary expulsion” or “disciplinary suspension.”