2022-2023 Catalog

Core Values


At WPCC, we care deeply about our work and maintain rigorous standards that achieve results for our students, community and each other. We demand more of ourselves than our stakeholders do and exceed the expectations of our students, the community and each other through a passionate focus on continuous improvement.



At WPCC, we take pride in serving the needs of students, the community and each other by extending full attention to every person seeking information with kindness and consideration. We demonstrate this commitment through education, volunteering, counseling, providing information and attentive communication.



WPCC values the pioneering spirit of our institution by leading the way with innovative educational programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and community. We actively seek out new opportunities to develop and advance internal operations and efficiencies.



Learning is central to WPCC’s daily efforts to equip all individuals with skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be active citizens in the community. Education is an exciting process that exposes all individuals to new ideas and concepts that foster a passion for lifelong learning.



WPCC values a culture of belonging that respects the perspectives and contributions of all people. We intentionally deliver an educational experience that provides all individuals with access to the resources necessary for their success.



The foundation of WPCC is an atmosphere of honesty, accountability, reliability, and virtue. We display integrity through transparency in our operations and communications allowing us to better connect with students, our community and each other.