2013-2014 Catalog

A.A.S. Degrees

Accounting (AAS – A25100)

Accounting (Diploma – D25100) 

Computerized Accounting (Certificate – C25100A)

General Accounting (Certificate – C25100C)

Taxation Accounting (Certificate – C25100B)

Basic Law Enforcement Training (Certificate – C55120)

Building Construction Technology (AAS – A35140)

Light Construction (Diploma – D35140)

Construction Carpentry (Certificate – C35140A)

Construction Trades (Certificate – C35140E)

HVACR (Certificate – C35140F)

Business Administration (AAS – A25120)

Business Administration (Diploma – D25120)

Customer Service (Certificate – C25120A)

Entrepreneurship (Certificate – (C25120J)

Finance (Certificate – C25120B)

General Business (Certificate – C25120C)

Human Resource Management (Certificate – C25120F)

Retail and Service Operations (Certificate – C25120D)

Small Business Development (Certificate – C25120E)

Supervision (Certificate – C25120G)

Civil Engineering Technology (AAS – A40140)

Basic Surveying (Certificate – C40140A)

Computer Engineering Technology (AAS – A40160)

Network Design and Implementation (Certificate – C40160B)

Computer Information Technology (AAS – A25260)

Microsoft Office (Certificate – C25260B)

Networking (Certificate – C25260C)

Computer-Integrated Machining Technology (AAS – A50210)

Machining (Diploma – D50210)

CNC Operations (Certificate – C50210A)

Injection Molding (Certificate – C50210C)

Machining Operations (Certificate – C50210B)

Criminal Justice Technology (AAS – A55180)

Correctional Technology (Certificate – C55180B)

Law Enforcement Technology (Certificate – C55180A)

Private Security Technology (Certificate – C55180C)

Dental Assisting (Diploma – D45240)

Digital Effects and Animation Technology (AAS – A30130)

Digital Design and Motion Graphics (Certificate – C30130A)

Early Childhood Education (AAS – A55220)

Infant/Toddler Care (Certificate – C55290)

Early Care and Education (Certificate – C55220C)

School Age (Certificate – C55450)

Electrical Engineering Technology (AAS – A40180)

Environmental Science Technology (AAS – A20140)

Sustainability (Certificate – C2014H)

Water Resources Management (Certificate – C2014A)

General Occupational Technology (AAS – A55280)

Geomatics Technology (AAS - A40420)

Geomatics (Diploma D40420)

Horticulture Technology (AAS – A15240)

Horticulture (Certificate – C15240E)

Landscape Design (Certificate – C15240C)

Plant Production (Certificate – C15240F)

Human Services Technology (AAS – A45380)

Human Services Technology - Substance Abuse Concentration (AAS – A4538E)

Substance Abuse Counseling (Certificate – C4538EA)

Industrial Systems (Diploma-D5240)

Industrial Systems (certificate – C50240A)

Industrial Technician (Certificate – C50240B)

Interpreter Education (AAS – A55300)

ASL Studies (Certificate – C55300B)

Introduction to American Deaf Community (Certificate -C55300A)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (AAS – A40320)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (Diploma – D40320)

Computer Aided Drafting (Certificate – C40320A)

Intro to Mechanical Technology (Certificate – C 40320C)

Medical Assisting (AAS – A45400)

Medical Assisting (Diploma – D45400)

Administrative Medical Assisting (Certificate – C45400A)

Medical Laboratory Technology (AAS – A45420)

Medical Office Administration (AAS – A25310)

Medical Transcription (Certificate – C25310A)

Nursing – A ssociate Degree (AAS – A45110)

Office Administration (AAS – A25370)

General Office (Diploma – D25370)

General Office (Certificate – C25370A)

Word Processing (Certificate – C25370B)

Paralegal Technology (AAS – A25380)

General Law (Certificate – C25380B)

Professional Arts and Crafts: Sculpture (AAS – A30290)

Professional Crafts: Clay (AAS – A30300)

Professional Crafts: Clay (Diploma – D30300)

Advanced Pottery (Certificate – C30300C)

Basic Pottery (Certificate – C30300B)

Pottery Business (Certificate – C30300D)

Professional Crafts: Wood (AAS – A30360)

Professional Crafts: Wood (Diploma – D30360)

Advanced Wood (Certificate – C30360C)

Basic Wood (Certificate – C30360B)

Wood Business (Certificate – C30360D)

Simulation and Game Development (AAS – A25450)

3D Modeling and Animation (Certificate – C25450B)

Game Design and Programming (Certificate – C25450A)

Sustainability Technologies (AAS – A40370)

Photovoltaic Energy (Certificate – C40370A)

Green Building (Certificate – C40370B)

Sustainable Energy (Certificate – C40370C)

Thermal Energy (Certificate – C40370D)

Sustainable Agriculture (AAS – A15410)

Sustainable Livestock Management (Certificate – C15410A)

Sustainable Crop Production (Certificate – C15410B)

Therapeutic Recreation Assistant (AAS – A45770)

Welding Technology (AAS – A50420)

Welding (Diploma – D50420)

Welding (Certificate – C50420A)