2013-2014 Catalog

High School Completion

The Adult High School Diploma Program and the High School Equivalency Program (GED©) provide two ways to complete requirements for a high school diploma. Minor applicants, age 16 or 17 years, may enroll as defined in the admission regulations. There is no registration fee.

The Adult High School Diploma Program is a cooperative arrangement between Western Piedmont Community College and the Burke County Public School Board of Education. The College serves as the administering agency.

An individually planned program of study is developed for each student based on a formal placement test and any available high school transcript. The staff reviews previous school records and provides counseling for each student to establish academic status. The courses required for graduation are then determined. Students attend classes in English, mathematics, social studies, science, health, physical education, and electives. When a student satisfactorily completes the required courses and passes any necessary tests, a high school diploma is awarded.

The High School Diploma Equivalency Program prepares students for the General Educational Development Test (GED©) through study at the Jim A. Richardson Complex or community class sites. Instructors assess the educational needs of entering students through the use of placement inventories and then develop an appropriate program of study. Instructors are always available for individual assistance. Students should contact the College for enrollment information.

Fast Track, a concentrated study program for students who need only a brief academic review in the five GED© subject areas, is also offered. Class instruction and practice testing are provided.

The Online class offers the opportunity for students to prepare from home for the GED© tests. To be able to participate in this class, a student must be able to read on a ninth-grade level, have access to a computer with an Internet connection, and be highly self-motivated. To receive the free password which allows access to the course material, a student must first attend an orientation class where the software and the course expectations are explained. The course material contains lessons, quizzes, post-tests, and access to a message board where the students and the teacher may interact. Once a student is prepared for the subject tests, GED© testing is handled in the same way that follows preparation for the tests in a traditional class or lab setting.

The GED© tests measure a student’s academic achievement in the areas of social studies, science, reading, writing, and mathematics. Examinees who receive a score of 2250 or better on the GED© tests, with no single test score below 410, are awarded the High School Diploma Equivalency. The diploma is awarded by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges and is the legal equivalent of a high school diploma for purposes of college admission and employment.

An applicant must be a resident of North Carolina, must have a current valid government issued photo ID and must file an application prior to testing. For more information about testing fees, call the Basic Skills Program office. The GED© Test is given each month.