2013-2014 Catalog

Educational Fees and Expenses

Educational fees are subject to change by action of the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges, the North Carolina General Assembly, and the Trustees of Western Piedmont Community College.

Accident Insurance

All Curriculum students, except inmates in prison or correctional units, must purchase accident insurance during registration. Insurance policy information is available to students through the Business Office. Certain specialized programs may require additional insurance coverage. Insurance fees are non-refundable after the first day of the academic term.

Activity Fee

A fee of $2.00 per credit hour up to a maximum of $18.00 per semester is required of all Curriculum students, except for specific waived populations. This fee will be assessed for students enrolling during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Activity fees are non-refundable after the first day of the academic term.

Books and Supplies

The cost of books and supplies will vary according to the program of study and number of courses taken. Specialized programs will have higher costs. Uniforms and laboratory materials may add additional expenses for instructional supplies.

Curriculum Certificate Processing Fee

A non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 is payable during the semester students expect to complete a Curriculum certificate. The processing fee covers the cost of certificate paper and printing. Students completing more than one certificate will be required to pay $5.00 each.

Graduation Fee

A fee of $30.00 is payable in the semester the student expects to graduate. The graduation fee covers the cost of diploma/degree and cap and gown. Fee is non-refundable. Students graduating with more than one diploma/degree must pay an additional $10.00 for each additional diploma/degree.

Senior Citizens

Persons who are residents of North Carolina and over sixty-five years of age are eligible to enroll in both Curriculum and Continuing Education classes without paying tuition fees (up to the maximum allowed) with the exception of self-supporting classes. Tuition shall be waived for up to six (6) credit hours of curriculum instruction and up to 96 contact hours for one course of continuing education instruction per academic semester excluding self-supporting courses. Additional charges, however, may be required. Such registration shall not preempt regular Curriculum students.

Transcript Fee

Transcripts are available from the Registrar. Three transcripts per academic year may be obtained free of charge; thereafter, a $3.00 per transcript fee applies.