2013-2014 Catalog

Associate in Applied Science Degrees


AAS Degree, Diploma, and Certificate programs are designed to meet the increasing demands for technicians, semiprofessional workers, and skilled craftsmen for employment in industry, business, and the health professions primarily in the region served by Western Piedmont Community College. These credentials are awarded upon satisfactory completion of the requirements as outlined on the following pages. Although some courses offered within AAS degree programs are transferable to senior institutions, each of these programs is designed to prepare students for entrance into a specific occupation following graduation.

In addition to the full AAS degree programs as approved by the NC Community College System, Western Piedmont Community College offers shorter-term diploma or certificate options within many of its AAS degree programs. These programs are designed to train students for entry into a skilled occupation and focus on specific job skills. The specific course and hour requirements for these local diploma and certificate options are indicated on the following pages alongside the AAS degree programs from which they are derived.