2014-2015 Catalog

Alumnus of the Year Award

The purpose of the Alumnus of the Year Award is to provide recognition for outstanding achievements by the graduates of the College. The award is based on professional accomplishments and growth, post-WPCC education, community and civic involvement, and demonstrated support for the goals and objectives of the College. This award is sponsored by Western Piedmont Foundation.


1989 Lou Lovelace
1990 Imogene Poole
1991 Steve Hoyle
1992 Bob Ledford
1993 Ron Shuffler
1994 Doug Smith
1995 Mark Buff
1996 Kathleen R. Clay
1997 Deborah H. Cook
1997 Ann Queen Giles
1998 Charles E. Taylor
1999 Maggie Simmons-Hughes
2000 Alice Salthouse
2001 L. Lynn Smith
2001 Dr. Jim W. Burnett
2002 Shanda H. McFarlin
2003 Gary J. Caldwell
2004 Willie F. McIntosh, III
2005 Dr. Cathy Franklin-Griffin
2006 Shelia Y. Asbury
2007 Ronald L. Hipps
2008 Phillip G. Church
2009 Terry R. Childers
2010 Robert K. Denton
2011 Amparo R. Alfaro
2012 Larry Williamson
2013 Paul H. Phillips
2014   Deborah S. Hart