2014-2015 Catalog

Emeritus Status

Emeritus Status is an honorary designation for retired persons who have rendered exemplary service to Western Piedmont Community College as a member of the faculty or staff. Emeritus Status is conferred by the Trustees on the recommendation of the President of the College.

1980 H. D. Moretz, Dean Emeritus
1991 Harold P. Olsen, Instructor Emeritus
1995 Robert E. Benner, Instructor Emeritus
1995 Larry R. Clark, Dean Emeritus
1995 Ruby Harbison Pharr, Instructor Emeritus
1996 Jack H. Huss, Dean Emeritus
1998 Kenneth N. Clark, Vice President Emeritus
2001 D. Odell Witherspoon, Dean Emeritus
2004 Louise White, Instructor Emeritus
2005 Richard N. Greene, Executive Vice President Emeritus
2005 Dr. Jim A. Richardson, President Emeritus
2006 Winston R. Lear, Dean Emeritus
2006 C. Lamar Wommack, Dean Emeritus
2007 Raymond B. Goodfellow, Vice President Emeritus
2009 Larry K. Garrison, Dean Emeritus
2010 Peter N. Stragand, Instructor Emeritus
2011 Dr. Cheryl L. Oxford, Instructor Emeritus