2014-2015 Catalog

Outstanding Staff Award

The Outstanding Staff Award was established by Western Piedmont Foundation, Inc., to annually recognize a full-time staff member for his/her dedication to his/her work and to Western Piedmont Community College. This person stands as a model for other employees to imitate and deserves our heart felt “Thanks” for a job well done.



1992 Dorothy A. Whitener Secretary II, Humanities and Social Sciences
1993 C. Lamar Wommack Dean, Continuing Education
1994 Becky Caraway Director, Learning Lab
1995 Keith Conley Coordinator, Special Populations Students
1996 James A. Reed Director, Admissions
1997 Helen I. Keller Director, Human Resources Development
1998 Susan C. Andrea Coordinator, Disabled Student Services
1999 Jean Williams Director, Purchasing
2000 Wanda D. Chester Environmental Services Aide
2001 Barbara D. Williams Coordinator, Emergency Programs
2002 Vondra D. Evans Curriculum Division Assistant, Humanities and Social Sciences
2003 Shirley Corriveau Equipment Coordinator, Administrative Services
2004 Johnny Burnette Director, Maintenance
2005 Lisa Sessions Director, Human Resources
2006 Darlene P. Buff Curriculum Division Assistant, Natural Sciences & Engineering
2007 Joan P. Hogan Registrar, Student Services
2008 Nancy Norris Director of Management Information Systems, Technology
2009 Sandra K. Hoilman Controller
2010 Patsy R. Dellinger Curriculum Division Assistant, Business Technologies
2011 Melissa Grill Instructional Technology/Blackboard System Administrator
2012 William Lefevers

Director of Planning and Research

2013          Linda J. Carswell Director of Purchasing