2014-2015 Catalog

Computer Laboratories

Western Piedmont Community College maintains multiple computer laboratories for instructional purposes in areas such as Accounting, Art, Business Administration, Computer Information Technology, Digital Effects and Animation, Simulation and Game Development, IPP/ASL, Medical Office, Nursing, and Administration/Medical Office Administration. The Art, DEAT, and SGD labs utilize MacIntosh computers while Medical Office and Nursing labs run Microsoft-based computers.

The programs offered through the Business and Public Services Division use computer laboratories equipped with Microsoft-based computers, and provide scanners and printers. The Library has an open lab available for student use. Software offered includes: word processing, spreadsheets, database, multimedia, graphics, programming and networking. In addition, the Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering maintains computer laboratories dedicated for computer languages, CAD/CAM graphics, mathematics, statistics, horticulture, physics, networking, and other science, engineering and technology applications. They contain PC workstations running Windows and Linux.