2015-2016 Catalog


Dr. Michael Helmick


Ms. Rhia M. Crawford*

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Sandra K. Hoilman

Vice President for Administrative Services and

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Atticus J.Simpson

Vice President for Student Development, 

Executive Director, Western Piedmont Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Leslie D. McKesson

Dean of Business and Public Services

Mr. W. Lee Kiser

Dean of Workforce and Professional Development

Ms. Ann Marie McNeely

Dean of Health Sciences and Developmental Education  

Ms. Mary Charlotte Safford

Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mr. Jim Coleman

Dean of Technology and Learning Resources

Mr. Michael B. Daniels

Dean of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Ms. Susan M. Williams

Dean of Student Services



*Updated July 1, 2015