2015-2016 Catalog

Academic Advising

Advising Mission Statement:

Western Piedmont Community College academic advising engages, challenges, and supports a diverse student population to assist students in achieving their educational, career, and personal goals.

Advising Partnership:

New students to the College are received through the Advising Center located in Hildebrand Hall. A team of advisors rotate through the Advising Center to orient new students to the College and through the enrollment process which includes available services and resources to maximize student success. Once the student has completed the enrollment process, the student is assigned an Academic Advisor who assists the student throughout their educational career at WPCC. Advisors assist students by providing information and resources; however, the student is ultimately responsible for planning and meeting academic requirements and deadlines. Students planning on transferring to another college or university should consult with that institution regarding the credits from WPCC that will be accepted by the receiving institution. Additionally, students are cautioned that the receiving institution may use a different method of computing grade point averages for admission or placement purposes.

Academic Advising Goals for Students:

  • Understand how to achieve balance: academics, family, work, recreation and social activities
  • Connect your educational plan to your career and/or personal goals
  • Value general education requirements and how they help you achieve your goals
  • Value regular and continued advising as you proceed towards graduation

Student Responsibilities:

  • Schedule advising appointments as needed
  • Come prepared to each advising session
  • Display respect for the advisor and have a positive attitude toward the advising process
  • Be an active learner by participating fully in the advising experience
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • Abide by the Student Code of Conduct
  • Become knowledgeable about academic programs, policies, and procedures and use available resources and services
  • Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a concern
  • Check all Student Communication Platforms and Degree Audit often to keep track of academic progress

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Assist students in understanding the purposes and goals of higher education and its effects on personal goals
  • Understand and effectively communicate WPCC’s departmental policies, core requirements, and degree requirements
  • Be reasonably accessible and available to students
  • Encourage and guide students to define clear and realistic educational plans
  • Provide appropriate resources and referrals
  • Listen carefully to questions, concerns, and issues
  • Assist students in working with, and developing professional relationships with advisors, faculty and staff
  • Monitor and accurately document student progress towards meeting academic goals
  • Provide students with information about educational opportunities outside of the classroom
  • Maintain confidentiality and follow WPCC’s policies and FERPA regulations
  • Continually reassess study plan and courses in light of changing goals and overall academic performance
  • Uphold ethical standards during the advising process.