2015-2016 Catalog

Testing and Placement

The NC Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NC DAP) test is required at Western Piedmont to determine course placement. The College’s series of placement tests measures skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. Advisors discuss the test results with students in order to plan the most efficient route to each individual’s educational goal. Generally, students may take the placement test only once. However, retesting is possible under certain circumstances. Questions regarding the retesting policy should be directed to the Coordinator of Career Counseling and Placement Testing at 828-448-6046.

Test results indicate whether students need special preparation before credit coursework is attempted. Some programs have requirements that vary from those of the general college and should be explained by a counselor or academic advisor. Test accommodations may be available to students with documented disabilities. Students requiring special test accommodations must make arrangements in advance of their scheduled test date through the Office of Disability Services.

Students who place into DRE 096, or DMA 010, or DMA 020, or DMA 030 are required to enroll in a mandatory corequisite - ACA 085, Improving Study Skills. This course can also benefit students who need to develop their college preparedness skills. These developmental courses should be completed as early as possible in a student’s program of study.

A student may be exempt from placement testing if one of the following criteria has been met:

a.  Meets the ACT or SAT subject area test score requirements.

b.  Who has successfully completed ENG 111 with a grade of 'C' or higher may be exempt from the reading and writing sections of the placement test. 

c.  Exemption from the mathematics section of the placement test is dependent on the major the student is pursuing. 

Placement tests, SATACT scores and developmental courses are not valid if more than five years old or taken prior to the implementation of NC-DAP, unless student successfully completed college level ENG and MAT courses with a "C" or better.  Students completing programs which allows the ability to take a Natural Science class instead of a Math class will be required to successfully complete DMA 010-030, or successfully exempt these courses by placement testing, within the five years from test date to graduation.

Contact the Coordinator of Career & Testing Services at 828-448-6046 for questions regarding exemptions from the placement test.   

Course placement is based on the conversion table printed on the following page.

NOTE: Changes may occur in both test instruments and course placement scores when determined by WPCC to be beneficial to the overall educational program.