2016-2017 Catalog

Traffic Regulations

All students, faculty and staff who operate or park vehicles on campus are subject to traffic rules and regulations. A handbook of traffic rules and regulations is available in the Business Office. The regulations pertain to everyone and are strictly enforced. Campus Security issues tickets for violations of the handicap parking regulation with a maximum penalty of $250.00. All handicap violations are turned in to the City of Morganton for collection. All parking violations except handicapped areas are $5.00 per ticket. Six violations will result in further disciplinary action. Unpaid fines will result in the inability of students to register for subsequent semesters or the non-issuance of transcripts. Appeals forms can be picked up at the switchboard. All persons parking on campus are encouraged to lock vehicles and pocket the keys. The College cannot be held responsible for property left in vehicles.

All accidents should be reported to the College receptionist/ switch­board operator in Moore Hall. Since the campus is under the jurisdiction of the City of Morganton Department of Public Safety, local officers are called when necessary. It is the responsibility of those involved in an accident to report the accident.

As required by the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990, crime report statistics for the College are available upon request in the Campus Security Office.