2016-2017 Catalog

Small Business Center

The purpose of WPCC’s Small Business Center (SBC) is to deliver quality programs and services for entrepreneurs. Each semester the SBC offers seminars, workshops and short courses, and the basic skills required to start and operate a successful business. Topics include How to Start a Business, Financing Your Small Business, How to Develop and Write a Business Plan, Advertising and Marketing Your Business and classes on Recordkeeping and Taxes. In addition to the core curriculum, the SBC offers additional educational programs and services designed to address the specific and unique needs of our local small business community. One-on-one counseling sessions to assist prospective and existing small business owners are also available by appointment. Counseling is provided by either the SBC Director or a professional contracted by the College’s SBC.

A fully equipped resource center is also available through the SBC and offers up-to-date materials including publications, tapes, books and software.

All of the services offered by the Small Business Center are free to citizens of Burke and surrounding counties.

Located in the Foothills Higher Education Center, the Small Business Center serves the special needs of the entrepreneurial and business community in Burke County. Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Community College System, the College’s Small Business Center provides small businesses with free one-on-one management consultation, quality workshops and seminars, special courses, and a network of consultants. Access to books, videos and literature is also available. The Small Business Center is open Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. The Director is available at other times by appointment.