2017-2018 Catalog

Student Responsibilities

All students are responsible for the proper completion of their academic program, for familiarity with the General Catalog, for maintaining the appropriate grade point average, and for meeting all other requirements to graduate or transfer. Counselors and academic advisors will work with all students, but the final responsibility is that of the individual student.

Students are held responsible for information published in the General Catalog, the Student Handbook, and official announcements of the College. Upon enrollment, all students accept the benefits of membership in the academic community and acquire the obligation to observe and uphold the principles and standards set by the College. The Student Code of Conduct describes conduct which the College will not tolerate.

All students are responsible for maintaining communication with the College and keeping on file with the Record’s Office at all times a current address, including zip code, and telephone number.

Students, while associated with the College, are expected to participate in campus and community life in a manner that will reflect positively upon students and the College.