2018-2019 Catalog

Developmental Studies

SECTION AMENDED See Addendum for information effective Spring 2019.

The mission of the Developmental Studies Program is to use the best practices in developmental education to prepare students academically, emotionally, and socially for college, career, and civic success by improving their reading, writing, and mathematical skills and by encouraging the development of strategies for active, confident, life-long learning. This program provides math, reading, and writing with course numbers less than 100. Credits earned by completing these courses do not count toward graduation requirements. Developmental coursework is also excluded from GPA calculations.

Students’ developmental coursework requirements (or exemptions from developmental coursework) are determined by their placement test scores. If these test scores indicate a need for academic development, students are required to complete the necessary developmental courses before they can enroll in most 100-level courses. 

The grades for all developmental math and reading/English courses are either “P” for “Pass” or “R” for “Re-enroll.”