2019-2020 Catalog

On-Line Payment Plan Policy

Curriculum students may use the on-line tuition payment plan for the purpose of deferring payment of curriculum tuition and required fees for a nominal fee. The following guidelines shall be followed by students:

  1. Students may not have any outstanding indebtedness with the College.
  2. Students are responsible for going on-line (accessed through WPCC homepage) and entering the correct information regarding student information, charges for tuition and fees, payment method, and account numbers.
  3. Students must have valid financial account information and funds for correct payment or payment plan agreements may be terminated.
  4. Students must enter into a payment plan agreement during stated times for registration.
  5. Students are responsible for informing the Business Office of any changes in classes whether adding or dropping courses.
  6. Students are responsible for all payments. Classes dropped after the 10% point of the term are still the responsibility of the student.

The following restrictions apply to the deferred payment of tuition and fees:

  1. Students are required to make a down payment of their stated tuition and fees based upon the registration period they enter into a payment plan agreement.
  2. The payment agreement will be terminated if the down payment is rejected.
  3. Books and supplies may not be included in the payment plans.