2021-2022 Catalog

Property Protection Tips

Members of the college community are vulnerable to the same problems encountered by residents of any other metropolitan area. Campus Security’s mission is to protect this community. However, the opportunity for crime exists. The community can assist us in its efforts to reduce crime by taking the following precautions.

  • Keep cash, checks, credit cards, purses, brief cases, etc. with you at all times. Never leave them unattended or unsecured.
  • Keep your car locked at all times to help prevent theft. Store valuable items in the trunk.
  • Store computers, lab equipment and audio visual equipment in a locked classroom or office.
  • Make a record of the serial number of both personal and college property in your room or office.
  • Doors and windows at Western Piedmont have locks – use them!
  • Report defective locks immediately.

Workout facilities are not immune from thieves. Try not to bring valuables (expensive watches, jewelry, wallets with cash and credit cards) with you when using the facility. Use the lockers and secure with heavy duty locks.