2023-2024 Catalog

Career and College Promise (CCP) Pathways

Career & College Promise (CCP) offers North Carolina high school juniors and seniors who meet GPA and other requirements the opportunity to earn tuition-free college credits. Through this program, WPCC provides many college pathways designed to meet the needs of our students and community, while providing huge educational savings to families.

WPCC offers college transfer pathways and career technical education pathways to help students jump-start their career goals. College courses that earn 3 or more credit hours count as one high school credit, and many classes may substitute for required high school courses. All CCP classes and grades will be displayed on a student’s high school transcript and computed in the high school grade point average and class rank. College transfer courses receive the same GPA weight as Advanced Placement (AP) classes (up to 5 weighted points). All other community college courses receive no weight.

Pathway Options

  • College Transfer pathways provide tuition-free course credits that will transfer seamlessly to any UNC System or participating private college or university.
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways provide tuition-free course credits toward a certificate, diploma, or Associate in Applied Science degree.
  • Workforce Continuing Education (WCE)

How to Enroll

To enroll in the CCP program, students MUST meet with a WPCC Career Coach, who will help them complete a CCP application, select an appropriate college pathway, and enroll in college courses. Students may ONLY take courses listed in their pathway(s) until all pathway courses are completed. Then, students may continue taking courses toward completion of the corresponding degree.

Most students will enroll in a single pathway (either a college transfer pathway or a career and technical pathway). However, students may enroll simultaneously in ONE transfer pathway and ONE technical pathway, or TWO career and technical pathways. Once established, students may NOT change their designated pathway(s) without proper documentation and approval from BCPS and WPCC.